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2-Arm Gear and Wheel Pullers

Specially designed for LNG-LPG vessels and tankers, but also essentials for factories handling explosive materials. Made of beryllium material except for the geaars which are tightly covered by copper alloy casing assuring no-sparking during operation.

2-Extension Ladders

Made in two sections from aluminium alloy with round non-slip rungs. Has non-slip rubber shoes at the bottom end with an automatic spring lock on each step which has a 35cm stepping space. Easy to carry and set up whenever it is required.

3-Arm Gear and Wheel Pullers

Drop forged from vanadium steel. This rigid 3 arm puller has been designed for situations where the use of a 2 arm puller is not possible.

3-Extension Ladders

Made in three sections from aluminium alloy with non-slip rungs and self-aligning safety shoes. Please specify the extended length when ordering.

3-Way Tool Bit Holders

A tool for holding square tool bits in three ways. Furnished with an Allen hexagon key.

45 degree Pipe Wrenches

45 degree angle jaws with offset teeth in opposite direction. Teeth are additionally induction hardened. Made of chrome vanadium steel, oil-hardened and tempered.

6-Point T-Type Wrenches

Broached and chrome plated with a smoothed surface.

Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive wheels of various constructions for marine use in machine working and reconditioning parts. These wheels are generally used for cutting, deburring, blending and cleaning operations, and for surfacing finished hard steel, stainless, aluminium, carbon and brass. Abrasive wheels, regardless of the type, are constructed by organic or inorganic bonding methods.

Adjustable Reamer Sets

Different sets of reamers in various size combinations are available to give maximum economy, and convenience of use for different requirements.

Adjustable Speed Wrenches

A tool, that serves as an adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench. The jaws are milled extra deep for speedy operations.

Air Line Lubricators

For use in adding lubricant into pressurized air.

Air Powered Grease Lubricator

Works with compressed air for easy speed greasing by just pulling the trigger. Pressure is maintained constantly and the lubrication level is consistent. Works with a replaceable grease cartridge which is easy to attach and keep dust and dirt out of the grease. Grease level inside the cartridge can be checked at a glance so the grease will not run out unexpectedly.

Air-Operated Grease Pump

Air operated grease pump for use with 16kgs to 220kgs pail can. A set consists of a pump, drum cover, follow plate, and grease hose. Air intel size 1/4″G (PF).

Allen Hexagon Wrenches (Inches)

Made from selected steel. A tool wrench for tightening and loosening hexagon head cap screws.

Allen Hexagon Wrenches (Metric)

Made from selected steel. A tool wrench for tightening and loosening hexagon head cap screws.

Angle Edge Bolt Cutters

Designed for cutting mild steel rods, bolts, wire, etc. at a raised angle. Even if the bolt is set against a flat surface, it is possible to use these cutters because they will fit flush against the surface for a straight cut.

Angle Radiator Brushes

Black bristle hair bound by a metal band. Provided with a long handle to reach difficult spots.

Automatic Reverse-Flow Prevention Couplings

These couplings are fitted to the outlet pipe, connecting hose and the welding/cutting machine and outfit, removing possible riskd accompanying the gas welding/cutting operation and making preparation and maintenance of the welding/cutting machines easy. Further, each type is specially designed for oxygen or fuel gas so as to prevent mistakes. A spring-loaded locking method is used, fitting or removal is a single action, which minimizes hose damage and make maintenance easy.

Automatic Screwdrivers with Ratchet

These screwdrivers work by pushing the handle downward and causing a crank drive inside the ratchet shaft to spin the blade. When the handle is released, the blade extends to its original position. By repeatedly pushing the handle you can set loose screws quickly with a very simple operation. When not in use the interchangeable bits can be stored inside of the handle. The gear blade can be set to rotate in either direction by changing the ratchet gear allowing you to remove screws as well as insert them.

Back Saw

For general use in connection with mitre box and cabinet work. Stiff blade with a heavy steel back. Solid hard wood handle.

Ball Catches

Material is brass nickel plated.

Ball Pein Hammers

The perfect ball pein hammers for all industries. Accurately balanced. Tough drop forged head with a selectively hardened face and pein. Fine quality, lacquer finished, hickory handles shaped for ease in use.

Banding Clamps & Tools

These products have a wide range of application for hose and pipe fastening and are used in almost industries. Tensioning tools, band, buckles, performed clamps, hose couplings, mounting brackets, accessories and spare parts offer a universal and economical fastening system. The products will connect, clamp, fasten, secure and fix hose, pipe, cables, signs, boards, etc.

Barrel Bolt for Cabinet

For double leaf doors. Made of steel and zinc alloy die-casting.

Barrel Bolt for Door

For Cabin Door (Double Leaf Doors). Made of brass. Designed for cabin doors or double leaf doors to keep them opened or closed. Fixed at the upper and lower end of the door.

Bearing Feeler Gauges

Used for measuring main bearing clearance of marine engine. When the rod “S” has been pressed through the pipe “R” can be pushed away from the brass by further pressing on the rod “S” and when a distance “a” is obtained it is easy to feel the fit of the feeler in the clearance.

Bearing Puller Sets

The slide hammer bearing puller set has been designed for removing “hard-to-pull’ bearing without damaging the bearing housing. Expansion grippers are available from No. 00 to 06. These numbers 00 to 06 are indicating the last two numbers of the bearing number. When ordering, please make sure to indicate the last two bearing figures to get the right tools for your work. The expansion grippers are drop forged from vanadium alloy steel, heat-treated and chromed plated.
This bearing puller kit has been designed to remove the inner and outer bearing rings from bearing mounted to various fittings, shafts, etc. Made of drop forged, heat-treated vanadium alloy steel.


For waxing twine or thread to be used in sewing or stitching canvas, leather, etc.

Belt Slings

Belt and endless types are available. Used namely for securing pallets during transportation.

Bench Levels

A popular level made of cast iron. Provided with a level vial and a plumb vial.

Bent Nose Pliers

Curved nose pliers for use in narrow places.

Bevel Rolling Centers

Used in combination with a lathe or an external grinding machine, the bevel rolling center serves as a center pusher for steel pipe or a workpiece with a large central opening and without a centering hole.

Blacksmiths’ Sledge Hammers with Handle

This double head hammer with smooth faces can be furnished with or without a handle. When ordering, please specify whether a handle. When ordering, please specify whether a handle is required or not. The hammer-head will be furnished without a handle unless otherwise specified.

Blind Rivets

High strength, precision-made hollow rivets assembled on a solid mandrel. They are specially useful for “blind” fastening where no access to reverse side available. Rivets are made in various sizes with head styles in aluminuim, steel, monel, copper and stainless steel. Two types of standard rivets, open and closed, are available but the most common open type is described below.
Standard open type rivet is a hollow rivet, pre-assembled on to a headed pin or mandrel. The mandrel is designed to fracture at a pre-determined point during the setting operation, when thw lamination forming the structure being fastened, have been drawn closely together and aluminium alloy body and steel mandrel are used. Unless otherwise specified the aluminium alloy body and steel mandrel type will be supplied. Please specify diameter and length in mm when ordering.


One-piece coverall wear for general work. Available in various colours, with or without reflective tapes.

Book Case Bar Socket

Designed for bookshelves, etc to support wood or metal bars which divide the shelf or cabinet into different compartments. Made of stainless steel.

Boring Tool Holders with Square Shank Tool Bit

Quickly exchangeable caps, straight (90 degree) or angular (30 degree).

Brass Hammers

A polished face hammer fitted securely to a hard wooden handle.

Brass Hand Brushes

Soft brass brush for cleaning delicate surfaces where heavy scraping is not suitable. These brushes will not scratch steel surfaces.

Butt Hinges for Cabin Door

A wide ariety of designs and sizes of butt hinges for cabinet or door use are available. Usually they are made of brass material and chrome plated. Furnished without screws. In general when ordering, please specify the opening width (not of its closed size), length, thickness, number of holes (screws) and screw size.

Butt Hinges for Cabinet Door

A wide ariety of designs and sizes of butt hinges for cabinet or door use are available. Usually they are made of brass material and chrome plated. Furnished without screws. In general when ordering, please specify the opening width (not of its closed size), length, thickness, number of holes (screws) and screw size.

C-Type Screw Clamps

Drop forged from strong special steel and heat-treated. The screws are made from tough, wrought steel, heat-treated and threading for strength and rapid adjustment.

Cabinet Catches

Designed as a stopper for cabinet doors (filing cabinets, etc.) in closed position. Can be used also for drawers when fitted to the backside of the drawer.

Cabinet Pull

To be installed as pulls for drawers or cabinet doors.