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Welding Gauge

Welders’ Protective Clothing

Spare Lens for Welding Helmet


Welding Helmet

Welders’ Goggles

Welders’ Chalk

Mini Handy Magnet Set

Fixed Angle Welding Magnet

Earthing Clamp

Angle Head Electrode Holder

Electrode Holder

Silver Welding Flux

Flashback Arrestor

Automatic Reverse-Flow Prevention Coupling

Welders’ Gas Lighter

Nozzle Cleaner

Spare Nozzle For Gas Cutting Torch

Gas Welding and Cutting Torch

Oxygen and Acetylene Gas Cylinder Regulator

General Purpose Glue

Permatex Form-a-Gasket Sealant

Silicon Sealant

Desoldering Gun (Solder Sucker)

Soldering Paste

Resin Cored Soldering Wire

Electric Soldering Iron

Welding Cable Connector

Inspection Mirror

Gauge-Pointer Puller

Dial Gauge Stands Magnetic Base

Cylinder Gauge (Bore Gauge)

Standard Dial Gauge

Brass Sampling Bottle

Sound Scope

Surface Gauge

Bench Level

Surface Plate

Combination Square

Combination Square Set

Precision Try Squares with Base

Carpenters’ Square

Steel Straight Edge

Gasoline and Oil Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste

Oil Gauging Tape

Measuring Tape

Convex Ruler

Folding Ruler

Stainless Steel Straight Ruler

Hook Type Dial Spring Balance

Tubular Spring Balance

Drill Gauge

Wire Gauge

Center Gauge

Screw Pitch Gauge

Bearing Feeler Gauge

Gap Gauge for Motor

Thickness Gauge

Vernier Depth Gauge