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Kitchen Brushes

Wringer Mop Buckets

Cotton Working Gloves

Leather Palm Working Gloves

Cotton Working Socks

Rain Suits with Hood

Rain Coats with Hood

Straw Hats


Rubber Boots

Steel-Toe Rubber Boots

Elastic Trapeze Cord (Bungee Cord)

Belt Slings

Car Claspers

Cargo Bags

Sail Makers’ Leather Palm

Sail Makers’ Needles


Grommet Dies


Round Mallet

Wood Hand Fids

Steel Marline Spikes

Used Bicycle Tubes

Galvanised Oil Funnels

Oil Sample Cans

Plastic Sample Bottles

Glass Sample Bottles

Inflators for Dunnage Bags


Used Gunny Bags


Portland Cement

Quick-Dry Cement

White Cement

Drying Agent

Spray Gun with Paint Containers

Paint Stirrers

Engine Cleaner Guns

Air Dusters

Protective Eyewear

Ultrasonic Goggles

Halogen Gas Leak Detector

Safety Belt & Hooks

Plastic Chipping Goggles

Face Shields

Ear Muffs

Ear Plugs

Ear Cup Kits


Quick-Connect Couplers

Magnifying Glasses

Flag Hooks

Flag Blocks


White Spirit

Multi-Purpose Lubricants

Mortise Latch with Knob

Mortise Latch with Lever Handle

Indicator Mortise Latch with Lever Handle