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Dishwashing Brush

Wringer Mop Bucket

Cotton Working Gloves

Leather Palm Working Gloves

Calf Hide Working Gloves

Cotton Working Socks

Rain Suit with Hood

Rain Coat with Hood

Straw Hat

Long Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots with Steel Toes

Bungee Cord

Car Clasper

Belt Sling

Cargo Sling Bag

Sail Makers’ Leather Palm

Sail Makers’ Needle


Grommet Die


Round Mallet

Wood Hand Fid

Steel Marline Spike

Used Interior Bicycle Tube

Galvanized Oil Funnel with Strainer

Plastic Sample Bottle

Glass Sample Bottle

Oil Sample Can

Inflator for Dunnage Bag


Used Gunny Bag

Fine Sand

Portland Cement

Quick-Dry Cement

White Cement

Drying Agent

Spray Marking Paint

Spar Varnish

Spray Gun with Paint Container

Paint Stirrer

Engine Cleaner Gun

Air Duster

Protective Eyewear

Ultrasonic Goggles

Safety Belt & Hook

Plastic Chipping Goggles

Face Shield

Ear Plugs

Ear Cup Kit


Ear Muffs

Steel Quick-Connect Coupler

Stainless Steel Quick-Connect Coupler

Flexible Hose

Sounding Rod

Magnifying Glass

Flag Hook

Flag Block


White Spirit