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About us

Established in 1999 as a small and medium enterprise, Eng Thye Hardware Pte Ltd has since grown extensively, as a hardware and tools supplier.

With a wide variety of products, ranging from hand tools, power tools, cutting tools to measuring tools, Eng Thye aims to be a one stop supply center for marines stores and industrial needs. Other than having a large range of items and housing several global brands, Eng Thye has also several house brands from Japan, Germany, India and China. The company serves several clients, of which are mainly from the following industries: shipping, ship builders, marine and offshore, oil and gas and ship chandlers.

Striving to meet each and every need of our clients, Eng Thye aims to provide our clients with prompt and unparalleled services. Besides our focus towards excellence in service, we constantly streamline our operations to further increase our competitive edge.